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About The RE&LM

Editor & Chief
Nathaniel Dickison

"The RE&LM : Real Estate & Lifestyle Management" has been a phrase I've been messing with for the better part of 3 years. Rather than try and start 90 different things all separate, I am combining them into one structured hub.

With home prices and interest rates putting pressure on so many local friends and family, I will be making every effort to find ways to provide more for clients without reaching into their pockets. Dedicated to helping our community navigate the real estate market, understand what is happening in our city, and keep a pulse on the streets. It's the hood in me. My mission (soon to be OUR mission) is to provide maximum value, and we've got a whole lot in store for you:


Welcome to The RE&LM : Real Estate & Lifestyle Management


The RE&LM : Magazine - Released quarterly, both mobile and a limited physical run, written with insights, trends, and advice on real estate and lifestyle choices.

The RE&LM : Local Partnerships - I'm teaming up with local businesses to offer help and the best prices on goods and services, making life more affordable.

The RE&LM : Staging Services - I have invested in everything needed for a basic staging service to enhance the sale of your home. This will be provided exclusively to my clients. The savings and benefits of staging will be passed forward to you.

The RE&LM : Moves - I've got you covered with a range of moving supplies to simplify your transition in and out of a home. By collecting boxes, paper, wrap and everything else involved, this will hopefully significantly reduce the cost and stress of moving. It also helps past client's free up space and pushes good materials forward instead of being destroyed.


Certified Washington State

Real Estate Broker


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